The trend now is to use digital wedding cards instead of paper cards. The primary reason being this is the modern way of doing invitations and there are lots of advantages too. So, it is no secret that in the future, paper wedding cards will not even be a thing. Everyone will use digital wedding invitation cards. Of course, there are so many incredible digital wedding card templates that you can use. We are going to suggest 10 of our favorite templates. Read through to get an idea of how wonderfully you can create your wedding cards online.

Red Roses Theme

Red roses are still a global symbol of love today. The significance of a red rose with a single stem is that it represents an unchanging or everlasting genuine love. The purpose of a bouquet of bright, vibrant, traditional red roses is to express love and desire. Like this, even the quantity of roses can have various meanings about love. So, when it comes to red roses, it is all about love.

Pink White Roses Theme

Pink rose bouquets are second only to red in popularity across the world. And they are a timeless emblem of beauty, grace, and perfection. These lovely flowers are frequently offered as a token of respect and gratitude. When it comes to this theme, it is a perfect portrayal of all those fantastic qualities. Hence, for a wedding card theme, it is a perfect fit. For a couple who have an exceptional favor for pink white roses, there cannot be a better theme than this.

Hearts Theme

This traditional heart is a sign of friendship, unconditional love, passion, romance, and positive sentiments, so it is perfect for someone you care about. You can use hearts to express how important someone is to you. That is how this iconic symbol can be used in romance. Therefore, a heart is like a must-have symbol for a wedding. Using this theme can make your wedding card look incredible and perfect. 

South Indian Theme

Marriages in South India are marked by a distinct collection of cultural rituals. They also have elements of the traditional marital rituals, such as sharing garlands, tying the mangalsutra, and walking around the holy fire. The celebrations are grandiose. And if you are from South India, this South Indian theme would be the perfect theme for you for your wedding. The traditional aspects of a South Indian wedding are perfectly depicted in this invitation template. 

Punjabi Tadka Theme

When it comes to Punjabi weddings, the celebrations are an intriguing feature. And those one-of-a-kind festivities reflect their enthusiasm and excitement. Everyone enjoys themselves at these weddings. For a couple who goes for a Punjabi wedding, the Punjabi Tadka theme is the perfect fit for their wedding card template. Using this template can make your online wedding invitation related to your Punjabi-style wedding. And everyone who receives it will feel intrigued as well.

Maharashtrian Theme

Maharashtrian weddings have a different unique vibe. Usually, Maharashtrian weddings are held in the morning. It would be great if you can make the invitation card for the wedding in a way that symbolizes the style of celebration. So, you can use this Maharashtrian theme for your wedding. It can create an incredible vibe to the wedding card. 

Bengali Theme

For decades, regional art, poetry, and music have been inextricably linked to Bengali culture. Bengalis have their own wedding traditions that are ageless, distinct, and spectacular. They have a mix of components that go into Bengali marriages, such as rituals, cuisine, and fashion. If you are a couple having a Bengali-style wedding, here is the template that you can use for your online wedding invitation to send to your loved ones. 

Ganesh Ji Style Theme

As you may know, Ganesh is revered as the God who eliminates all sorrows, or impediments. He is also known as Vighna Vinashak for the same reason. So, the family worships Lord Ganesh before beginning any wedding rituals, asking for a peaceful and trouble-free wedding. Some individuals do a separate Ganesh puja before the wedding, while others perform the puja ceremony during the wedding. So, having a Ganesh Ji Style wedding invitation card is also kind of a blessing. And this template is perfect for that. 

Traditional Theme

Some couples may love to have a touch of tradition in every sector of the wedding. And that might even include the wedding card. You can still have that authentic traditional taste while opting for online wedding invitation cards. All that you need is a traditional style template and this looks best for that.

Art Wallpaper Theme

For couples that have artistic minds and souls, this theme looks fantastic. A simple but fabulous artwork in the template can make your wedding invitation look gorgeous. So, for those who like this theme to be part of their wedding, this template is all yours to use for your wedding. 

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