Digital wedding cards are becoming increasingly popular over traditional paper wedding cards nowadays. The reason for this increasing popularity is mainly the benefits that can be gained through using digital wedding cards. The couples who wisely made the choice to use digital wedding invitations, shared with us their experiences of using digital wedding invitation cards, and how helpful it was to plan and manage all other activities of the wedding smoothly. 

It was a great time saver - Says Ishan and Apoorva

            Ishan and Apoorva wed in March 2020. They were initially doubtful whether to go for online invitations or to do it the traditional way using paper invitation cards. But they eventually decided to go for online invitations. This is what they had to say. 

“When we were planning out our wedding, we really didn’t have a good idea of how things should go. Even for the invitation cards, we thought of doing things the traditional way as it has been the way it has been done for a long time. But then we got to know about the possibility of making digital wedding cards. We first thought that this is relatively a new thing, and we were very skeptical about doing it the digital way. But a friend of ours convinced us to go for them. And we did. Because of that, we could save a lot of time. And it was very important as we had a lot of other arrangements to look into.”

Going for digital invitations was one of the best decisions we made - Says Suraj and Aishwarya

            Suraj and Aishwarya were in a relationship for over 3 years and in February 2022, they got married. They decided to go for online wedding cards. And they think that it was one of the best decisions they made in their lives. Suraj and Aishwarya shared their story.

            “We always wanted to make our wedding look as perfect as possible. So, we planned out everything to be the best, from the smallest thing to the biggest thing. That was how we looked into things we had to plan. And even with wedding cards, we wanted to make it happen in the best way. We thought that online invitation cards were always a better choice than traditional paper cards. So, we went for it. No doubt, it was the best decision we took in terms of planning our wedding. Everything related to inviting guests and all that happened perfectly mainly because we used online invitation cards.”

We always wanted to make things modern and online invitations were part of it - Says Vishesh and Savita

            Vishesh and Savita are both professionals in the IT industry. They got married in April 2022. They are a couple who want things done in a modern way. Even with their wedding, they wanted everything to happen the modern way. That is the reason they opted for online wedding cards.

            “We are a couple working in the same IT company. We like new things. If we don’t move ahead with the changing world, we have no progress. Each and every individual should embrace the new things that are coming. We can do it through simple things like digitizing wedding cards. And that is what we did. Of course, it was a good move. We feel happy that we could be part of embracing the new things as we are from the right generation to do that.”

We don’t feel like harming the environment and that is why we went for online invitations - Says Rishabh and Jyothi 

            Rishabh and Jyothi got married in December 2021. They are conscious of the environment. So, they chose to use online invitation cards. This is what they said.

            “We think everyone should care for the environment. Maybe we might not have the ability to contribute to it on a major scale. But perhaps, we can do something in our own capacity and that is what we did by using online invitation cards. We feel so happy about our decision now.”

Getting RSVPs fast was a concern for us but not anymore - Says Harshit and Mansi

            Harshit and Mansi have planned out their upcoming wedding. They were trying to solve the problem of getting RSVPs in a fast and convenient way, and found out that if they used online invitations, they could get RSVPs fast and organize their guest lists. This is what they had to say.

            “We first had a concern that if we used paper invitations, it would be hard for us to get RSVPs fast, and sometimes we do not even know if the invitations were properly delivered. But we understood that this problem can be solved if we used digital invitations. That is the reason why we like digital wedding cards.”

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