Online wedding invitations are becoming more and more popular now.  People are progressively adapting to the changing trends and moving to new ideas. One aspect of this is digital wedding cards. With digital wedding cards, you can even surprise your guests in ways that they would not even expect. Perhaps, these can be certain funny and humorous ways too. With online wedding invitation cards, there are endless possibilities. Let us find some of them.

What are the ways you can surprise your guests?

So, what are the most common ways to surprise your guests with your wedding invitation? Here they are.

  1. Using GIFs
  2. Including music in the online wedding invitation
  3. Making the invitation like a movie poster
  4. Creating anime characters of yourselves
  5. Using caricatures
  6. Using fanny wording

We are going to tell you about all of them in detail.

Using GIFs

GIFs have grown commonplace in recent years. You surely have had a lot of humorous GIFs in your WhatsApp chats. Why not continue the trend and make a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation card? Instead of sending printed cards, you can use GIFs to invite guests to your weddings. You can include a humorous graphic or a thought-provoking quote. It is best to send them to your invitees separately. And make sure if there is anybody who does not show a positive attitude towards this kind of invitation, you will have to do it using a casual digital invitation card.

Including music in the online wedding invitation

It is possible to make a musical wedding invitation. For some, music has the ability to touch the soul. And that is a better way to begin a new chapter. There is hardly any person who dislikes music. Almost everyone has some kind of musical taste. If you have an idea about the musical tastes of your invitees, then you can customize your invitations as well. The person who receives this kind of invitation will surely get a pretty good first impression. And of course, that is exactly what should happen through a wedding invitation. 

Making the invitation like a movie poster

With digital wedding invitations, you can accomplish a lot. You can have hilarious photos in addition to the wording. It is also possible to incorporate a cut-down version of your favorite movie's poster. If not, you can make a wedding invitation that looks like a movie poster. Then it would be like inviting your guests to watch a movie. That would literally be incredible.

Creating animated characters of yourselves

The animation industry is huge. The latest animation methods can be used to create games, applications, and cards. All the same, it would be cool to create an animated wedding card. It is a lot of fun and does not cost a lot of money. If you include animation characters of yourselves in the wedding invitation cards, that would be a totally different vibe. And we are pretty sure that your guests will surely like this idea and love it. But however, you need to bear in mind that some of your invitees might not like this. In fact, you would be having a general idea of who is going to like it and who is not going to like it. So, send a casual invitation to those who would not like this.

Using caricatures

If you enjoy cartoons, you would definitely enjoy this concept. You can have caricatures drawn for your wedding guests to make them laugh. We are confident that creating them will be as amusing. Be careful to choose strong colors so that your card appears to be alive. It is best if dark colors and backgrounds are avoided. The color scheme for your wedding card should be vivid. This way, you can make your digital wedding invitation card both attractive and funny.

Using funny wording

Using funny wording is a great way to make your wedding invitations look funny and attractive. There are plenty of ways to include hilarious phrases in your wedding card. Perhaps, you can ask them to join you for the day you fall into eternal trouble or something like that. You can ask them to come to help you on that day. If you are inviting your friends, you can start it off by inviting them for a game night, and afterward make them aware that it is for your wedding that they are invited. Maybe you can say it is a promotion party and then invite them to the wedding. 

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