A wedding is not something that you can do haphazardly. Weddings need to be done with a lot of planning and organizing and you need time for that. So, you obviously need to plan out everything in advance to have a successful wedding. Most of all, a bride must specifically be ready for a wedding and do whatever things necessary well in advance. And we hope that this would be your ultimate guide to that effect. 

What is the checklist every Indian bride must follow?

            Alright. Let us get started and get to know what you have on your list. And remember, start with the first step at least 6 to 12 months before the date you are planning on having your wedding.

Decide On a Budget

            The budget is a key worry in most situations when you are getting started. In the early stages of planning your wedding, you should have answers to the questions of how much to spend, where to spend it, and when to spend it with the utmost consideration. So, it is crucial to finish the budget before moving on to the next item on your wedding preparation to-do list.

Finalize The Guest List

            The question of who should be invited and who should not be is yet another concern. You need to take your time and categorize the list into groups like close friends and family, coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintances you may have in common. Then you need to have the finalized list.

Select A Venue and Caterer

            Since most wedding venues are reserved months in advance, there is very little chance of securing the greatest location. To avoid any problems, start looking for your ideal wedding location with time to spare. Check if the venue offers food. If it does not, get in touch with the top caterers in the area and choose one for your big day.

Hire A Wedding Planner If Necessary

            While some of us like organizing our own weddings, others prefer to unwind. So, you can hire a wedding planner if you think you should. However, be sure to engage a planner far in advance so that he, or she, or that company can go to work right away.

Hire Photographers and Videographers

            Choosing photographers and videographers for your wedding day is perhaps one of the most crucial tasks on your checklist. You obviously need to do this in advance to ensure that everything in terms of photography and videography happens smoothly. Of course, you will have to consider both your budget and the professional quality of the photographers and videographers you are going to choose. 

Look For Entertainment Options

            Without some enjoyable entertainment and nice music, a wedding is never truly complete. And you can have the right type of performer perform at your wedding. Get your hands on a list of the top bands currently playing, and reserve one early. To ensure that each guest is engaged during the ceremony, you can also hire dancers for the day too.

Reserve Your Mehendi Artist

            Whether you enjoy Mehendi or not, you should still choose talented mehendi artists because they would not be any way for your hands to not have mehendi. Of course, there are also other children and women that adore Mehendi. So, you need to do the reservations in advance.

Book Your Makeup Artist

            Selecting your makeup artist is another important item to cross off your wedding preparation to-do list. You can reserve your pre-bridal or groom package at the salon as well as a makeup artist. Doing this with time to spare can ease a lot of things for you. So, make sure you do so. 

Get Done with Wedding Invitations

            Of course, you also need to finish the work with the wedding invitations. Now, it is actually pretty convenient. You can send out digital wedding invitations without having to spend lot of time and money on paper invitation cards. You can choose Zelebrate to help with your online invitation needs.  

Shop For Your Dress and Jewelry

            This might be the most time-consuming item on your wedding checklist. It takes time, but it is only worthwhile if you receive the outfit, you have always wanted to wear on your big day. So, in case you are not able to find the right outfit and jewelry right away, you would need some time. Because of that, you need to do the shopping in advance. And if you have a tailor who fulfills this requirement for you, you need to place your orders well ahead of time. 

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