Nowadays, people opt for online wedding invitations. People are moving forward with the changing world and embracing new things gradually. And online wedding invitations are one part of it. However, we have figured out that there are 10 major mistakes people make when they are sending digital wedding invitations. It is critical that you avoid these mistakes. But what are they? Let us tell you. Keep reading!

Do not send them too early or too late

One major mistake made by most couples is sending invitations too early or too late. Usually, the invitations must be sent at least 6 weeks before the event date. Sending them too early, like 8 weeks ahead of the wedding, or a week before the event are both not advisable. In fact, your wedding invitations are one of the most important aspects of your wedding preparation. You will need to set a date for your RSVP. Setting an RSVP date at least one week before your venue's final head count is always a good idea. Because some of your wedding guests may forget to RSVP before the deadline. You can call individuals who have not answered during this one-week period to get a final head count for your wedding.

Avoid bad writing etiquette

A wedding invitation can be worded in a variety of ways. But it is vitally important to use appropriate wordings. You must mention that both parties of the marriage are taking part in inviting the guests. And you must be cautious to address your invitees appropriately. Using bad writing etiquette can cause your invitees to have a bad impression of you. So, you need to be mindful of that.

Do not create invitations that look inappropriate to be wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation is always the first thing your guests see, and it gives them a sense of what your wedding will be like. So, make sure that your design is suitable enough to be a wedding invitation. You can get enough and more ideas from the internet and get inspired by them. 

Avoid spelling mistakes and typos

Proofreading is crucial. As we said, your wedding invitation gives the first impression about your wedding to the guests. So, it is critical that you leave no space for spelling mistakes and typos whatsoever. Make sure the wedding invitation is free of these kinds of mistakes.

Avoid grammatical errors

Just like avoiding spelling mistakes and typos, avoiding grammatical errors is pretty important. Make sure that you use wedding terminology too. If not, it would be absurd and weird.

Do not include any wrong information

It is critical to include the correct information when making a wedding invitation. Your online invitation might be written in a variety of ways. However, it is critical that the information or details presented be neither too much nor insufficient. A wedding invitation should ideally begin with the names of those who are hosting or donating to the wedding, followed by some creative lines to bring a nice vibe. Following that, information on pre-or post-wedding festivities should be included, as well as a dress code (if applicable), a link to your wedding website, and RSVP information. Other than that, do not include unnecessary information. But again, make sure that the information you include is correct.

Do not miss having RSVPs

Of course, when you do things online, you can effortlessly have RSVPs in a spreadsheet. Allow your internet invitation to be a piece of cake for the people you are inviting. RSVP information can be included in the invitation itself, allowing attendees to send RSVPs without having to go through a lengthy process. It enables you to get a precise headcount for the wedding day.

Avoid including every single thing in your card

Sometimes, you might do strange things, such as including every detail of your wedding in your card. Perhaps, we get that it is a significant day in your life and you want to tell everyone about it, but including everything in your online invitation is not a good idea. You will just wind up with a shoddy invitation card if you do it this way.

Missing entree options

Before you send out your wedding invitations, check with your venue or caterer to see if they require any entrée options or choices ahead of time. This simply means that you must provide the entrée options on your response card so that your wedding guests may choose what they want before arriving. Of course, you would not want to call each person individually to find out what they want to eat.

Avoid not clarifying who exactly is invited

You must be specific about who is invited. A vague note on inviting guests would never do it. So, you must specifically mention who is invited. 

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