The importance of a wedding theme cannot be overstated. You want to create unforgettable memories on your most significant day and with a wedding theme, you can make it more special. A wedding theme symbolizes what you connect with the most and how you want to remember your special day. An online wedding invitation can be a starting point to cater to your wedding theme. 

Zelebrate’s online wedding card maker has templates that cater to every kind of event and serve as an inspiration for your overall theme. It is much easier to make selections about décor, location, and all the other fine details when you have a theme for your wedding. It provides you with a very good starting point for everything else. ​Family values, customs, cultures, colors, and other factors can all contribute to your choice of the wedding theme and online invitation. 

It is the coming together of the bride and groom’s families that truly pulls the wedding together to create countless memories. Leading up to the wedding, you have numerous events on either side of the family, starting with the engagement, the bachelor/bachelorette party, traditional pujas at home, mehendi, haldi, sangeet and finally the wedding. You can create online invitations to cater to all these events and choose themes that are apt for each of the events. If you have chosen an overall theme and want to stay consistent, you can always do that as well. 

During these events, you create numerous memories that are very important and the easiest way to capture all these memories is through photographs. When you create an online invitation not only do you as the host have the option to upload photos instantly to your online invitation, but your guests can also share the photos that they have captured of all the wedding festivities. These online invitations serve as repositories that keep your event themes forever alive, and all the special memories are saved in one place. Rustic, nature, black & white, beach, royal, seasonal, and holiday themes are some of the most popular wedding theme templates. You can customize all the other event details as well using the online invitation card maker. 

The colors you choose in your digital wedding card can also be a significant influence for your overall wedding theme. For example, with a few splashes of hues of yellows you can create online invitation cards for your Haldi ceremony. Similarly, you can choose a black and white theme for your online invitation, if you were planning a bachelor/bachelorette party with a black and white dress code. With a customized e-invite from Zelebrate, your theme can be expressed to all your guests. In a nutshell, an online wedding invitation can serve as a playbook that brings the characters to life where the elements of the invitation are the actors, the theme is the script, and you, as a full-service event planner, are the director.