Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important as we all strive to improve quality of life around us. Using eco-friendly products promotes green living that also helps in reducing air, water, and noise pollution. 

Weddings are an important part of one’s life. There are some new trends in Indian weddings these days that are not necessarily eco-friendly. These include things like extravagant wedding venues, costly paper invitation cards, heavy use of plastic items for decorations and other purposes and the list goes on. If you look around, many weddings that you see today might not be eco-friendly, and without knowing it, people could be destroying the environment. You can plan an eco-friendly wedding following some simple tips below. 

Tips to Plan Eco Friendly Weddings

One way to have an amazing eco-friendly wedding, is to get a venue which leaves very little carbon footprint on the environment. Instead of renting out a huge hall that uses large amount electricity and with air conditioning running all the time, you can choose an outdoor venue or also consider a venue which is closer to nature in a scenic setting. If the weather permits, you can use the natural daylight and during night, you can set up some simple lighting that does not consume large amount of electricity. Besides, the natural greenery around your venue will serve not only as a good scenic setting but also provide some natural shade and provide a cool environment. 

Another way is to use natural flowers and decorations instead of artificial plastic ones. Plastic threatens wildlife and spreads toxins. Plastic also contributes to global warming which is bad for the ozone layer of the atmosphere. You can also use green plants in the décor rather than flowers because that will give the weddings a more natural feeling. 

The most effective and easy way to have an eco-friendly wedding is to use online invitations. There is a big digital boom in India and almost everyone has access to smart phones these days. By sending your invitations online, you will be avoiding the use of paper which in turn helps save trees. There are various free online invitation card maker websites today which will help you with this process. Within a couple of minutes, you can create a stunning digital wedding card with photos, videos, and other crucial event information. Besides, these are very easy to share with friends and family. Create your online invitation for free today with Zelebrate