Gone are the days that had paper invitations. Now, it is the digital era. So, everyone is moving towards digital wedding invitations. And when it comes to digital wedding invitations, there are endless possibilities and options. There are plenty of cool methods to use. One cool method is using video invitations. Including videos in digital invitations can make them appealing to the recipients. 

Why is it necessary to make digital invitations appealing?

You may wonder why it is necessary to make digital invitations appealing. Mainly, the invitation is what your invitee receives first in terms of your wedding. It is through this invitation that your invitee gets to know about what is happening at the wedding in the first place. So, in order to give your guests a positive first impression, it is vitally important to make your digital invitations appealing. 

Video Ideas for your Online Wedding Invitation

 Anyway, if you do not have a perfect idea of what kind of videos you can use here, read through. You can get to know all about it. But first, let us list them out. 

  1. A video based on your hobbies
  2. A video based on the story of your relationship
  3. A stop-motion video
  4. Monochrome-themed video
  5. Tradition-inspired video
  6. Season-inspired video
  7. Floral-themed video

            So, keep reading! You can get to know about all these.

A video based on your hobbies

You can bring up interests of yours and your partner’s in your invitation. This might include the interest in your favorite sports team, a movie you both enjoy, a shared past time. It could also be about sharing a bowl of morning cereal to a beloved video game—anything that will make your attendees pleased. Perhaps, this can be something for your guests to know better about you and your partner. This may also be useful for the relatives from either side to get to know their future extended family. 

A video based on the story of your relationship

Of course, you can tell them your entire love story. You can show pictures of the two of you like kids who grew up and fell in love. You might also use our slideshow design for the invitation you make. This way also, you can give your guests a pretty good idea about how you got to know each other, how your bond was created, and all that. This will give your guests a pretty good impression and they will be pretty delighted to attend the wedding as well. 

A stop-motion video

You can make a unique stop-motion film to tell guests about your wedding using a smartphone and a little time. Make a delightful, eye-catching video by having a friend of yours record you in stop motion or using materials you already own. You would not need any complex equipment to do this. But this can surely make your wedding invitation vivid and meaningful. So, it is worth it to do so. 

Monochrome-themed video

A video invitation may be made to stand out by focusing on only one color. You can pick one wedding color and utilize it to make a modern, eye-catching wedding invitation. Although using one color may sound odd, it is an incredibly catchy theme. 

Tradition-inspired video

With certain traditional aspects being part of the video, you can create an awe-inspiring invitation using your tradition too. Of course, you can give a good impression to your invitees that the wedding will take place in a traditional manner if you do it this way. This way, you can inspire your guests even before they attend your wedding. And they will surely have a positive attitude when they come to the wedding. 

Season-inspired video

 If you have planned to have your wedding at a time at which there is a special seasonal celebration, you can obviously make it part of your wedding too. This is actually a cool idea. You can have a video that goes hand in hand with the season. It can definitely add a different vibe to the invitation. And your guests will definitely like it. 

Floral-themed video

Most weddings are so connected with flowers. Of course, flowers like roses are pretty much connected to the theme of love and romance as well. So, you can indeed have your online wedding invitation with a floral-themed video. It will be a good idea as the idea of love can be beautifully portrayed through flowers. Even if not, if you have a favorite flower in mind for your bouquet or decorations, you can include it in your invitation. If you like jasmines, and would like to have the wedding under that theme, you can create your video invitation in the same way.

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