Wedding planning can be very enjoyable but also stressful at the same time. There is so much to consider: the clothing, the jewelry, the shoes, the venue, the decorations, the photographer etc. As your to-do list grows, so does the cost and, as a result, your stress. "More and more couples are choosing to go "paperless" when it comes to wedding invitations," says a recent survey by a popular online invitation site. The survey found that 30.4 percent of participants only use online invitations. In the meantime, 40.7 percent use both paper and online invitations. This equates to more than 70% of participants using online invitations in some capacity for their wedding. 

Four Reasons to Shift to Online Invitations

With today’s boom in digital technology couples can use online invitation makers to create their online invitation and wedding website to plan the wedding of their dreams. Here are four major reasons you should go digital and switch to online invitations:

Save Money

  • Weddings can get very expensive. Printing paper invitation cards for every guest you invite will only increase the cost. You can easily save lot of money by switching to an online invitation. On top of that, you also help save the environment by avoiding the use of paper. Websites like Zelebrate offer different templates for every event and serve as your free online invitation card maker. 

Easy Tracking & Planning

  • Having the invitation on your phone makes it much easier to access and to keep track of event dates. Many people misplace items; losing a paper wedding invitation card and being unable to attend the wedding is not a situation you want to be in. As a host, it is also easier to track who is attending your event via the RVSP feature available in the online invitation. It further helps you order the right amount of food and gifts.  There are also event planning checklists available to further assist you. 


  • We all rely on our phones for a variety of reasons. We use them for things like alarms, reminders, and communication. You can create a personalized online invitation on your phone using websites like Zelebrate. Not only do you have an abundance of beautiful templates and designs available, but you can also add videos, pictures, and personalize your invitation to your liking. Say goodbye to scattered memories as you can also collect all your favorite memories in one location with the photo sharing feature which is one among several other features available on these sites. 

Save Time

  • Before you know it, you'll be planning every detail of your wedding, and time will fly by. It's stressful enough to plan everything down to the flowers you want and the dress you want to wear. You save a lot of time by creating an online wedding invitation within minutes instead of going through the trouble of making, personalizing, and mailing paper invitation cards.

In summary, you should consider using online invitation makers as they are less expensive, easier to track, more reliable, easy to use and save time. Because paper invitation cards add a personal touch to the wedding, you still print a small batch especially for elders who may have difficulty navigating a website. Create your personalized online wedding card today with Zelebrate and start sharing them with family and friends all over the world to invite them to your special day.