With all those makeup influencers at your disposal, getting overwhelmed with the same old makeup trends is easy. However, you need to do something unique to stand apart from the herd. If you are in search of some of the best bridal makeup looks, that is an area in which we have profound knowledge. Impressed by the Indian culture, traditional customs, and ethnic diversification, we bring to you our creative best.

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The art of makeup is really a neat process. No wonder the need for makeup and makeup artists is getting wildly popular. People tend to look at the benefits it provides. When executed in the right manner, makeup enhances your facial features. Makeup is one such type of magical technique that is becoming popular rapidly. This type of makeup plays an important role in enhancing your inborn charisma.

If you are a would-be bride and are looking for the best bridal makeup looks, we’ve got you covered! Listed below are the evergreen top ten makeup looks in India for every occasion. 

1. Traditional Look

The traditional look is meant for all the goddesses. Maang tikka, which is a hanging ornament at one end and a hairpin towards the backside of the forehead, bindis, and hand tattoo (mehndi) is a part of the traditional bridal look. Here, this bride matched her bindis to her baby pink lips and champagne pink outfit.

2. Royal Bride Look 

The royal bride look is a lit-from-within glow, which can be applied by professionals only. Using a luminiser, cream blush, and applying Glow Face Palette (which has powder highlighters and blushes) can give you a stunning sparkly look.

3. HD Makeup Look

If you have a commitment to be the maid of honor at your friend's wedding and if you wanna look even better than the bride, come and check out HD Makeup. It perfectly maintains your charismatic look and has now gone beyond the reach of celebrity makeup artists. These days a majority of girls, especially brides, demand HD makeup, and we even recommend them to go and try it.

4. Mineral Makeup Look

Mineral makeup is clearly for sensitive skin types. The makeup is chemical-free which gives beautiful results as other types of makeup look without compromising the health of the skin. And as it doesn’t contain any fillers and is even finely milled, mineral makeup poses a lightweight texture. And the best thing is that you might think that you have barely applied anything to your face.

5. Shimmer Makeup Look

Spread your pixy dusk wherever you go. Shimmer makeup, as the name suggests, is all about shimmery and sparkly cosmetics that make you shine and creates a magical touch to any attire and occasion. It’s extremely great for special occasions which are coming closer.

6. Elongated Traditional Liner Look

They say the eyes say it all. Following up one can accentuate the bride’s aura and make her look more beautiful and which is why it is important to keep your eye makeup graceful and beautiful.

7. Peachy Glow Look

To keep it simple, your bridal makeup kit should comprise products that are perfect for your skin tone and your skin type. There are various shades of foundations to choose from that can complement your skin tone perfectly. A peachy glow is usually preferred by a majority of bubbly girls, who are willing to rock their presence.

8. Facelift Makeup Look

Facelift makeup is a new age “make me young” tonic. You can get an instant facelift using the blend of makeup and creativity, by using this glam age-blurring remedy. This type of makeup look is especially for ladies over 50 who want to look younger and fresh regardless of their age/

9. Wow Brows Look

When defining your brows, try to create fine comby strokes that almost act as the way your hair would grow in the spaces and brush through your brows to disperse the color evenly. A cool brown tone pretty much goes with every hair color and is probably the only shade you need in your makeup bag. Use the darker shade towards the end of your eyebrows so they stay all day.

10. Dazzling Lips Look

Beauty is inspired by the richness of precious memories and captured by dazzling lips. Introducing the new daring and ready-to-rule makeup look for the bold and sassy you. A lady with red lips is often considered to be self-sufficient and the one with her standpoints. This makeup look is truly based on you to depict who you are!

Those were the top ten makeup looks from India. We often post this type of content on our page. Please check out our blogs on our website for more such content.  

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