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Colorful Balloon 

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Black Red Balloons 

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Birthday Pink 

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Birthday Yellow 

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Adult Birthday 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zelebrate is an online invitation maker where you can create your online invitation in less than 2 minutes for birthday events. We have 100s of online invitation template designs for several events like weddings, birthdays, anniversary, griha pravesh, mundan ceremony, naming ceremony, baby shower, half saree function, graduation, bachelor/bachelorette party, vasthu puja, family puja and any other special event.

We have several unique features which will make you experience your birthday events in a whole new social dimension & create everlasting memories. With Zelebrate, you can enter personalized invitation names, get a customized url for your online invitation and also generate a whatsapp invitation card within minutes. You can fully customize your invite with photos, invitation messages, videos, event details etc. You have the ability for live photo sharing as well as RSVP. The invitation also features a live best wishes feed. Learn more about why to choose Zelebrate here.

  1. Select an online invitation template design for your event
  2. Enter personalized online invitation name
  3. Customize your online invitation
  4. Preview, publish & share your online invitation

Yes, you can choose an invitation design unique to your event's theme from hundreds of templates and fully personalize it.

You can discover the best articles about Online Invitations, Indian Weddings, Mehendi Designs, Event Planning & more in our blogs section. Learn more about our founding story and why to choose Zelebrate for your online invitation needs in the About Us section .

Yes, you can share your online invitation via email, whatsapp and other social media apps.

The term "RSVP" comes from the French expression répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "please respond." When the word RSVP appears on an invitation, it means that the host has asked the guest to respond with whether or not they intend to attend the party

RSVP helps you keep track of the expected number of guests, so that you can budget for food and other logistics ahead of time and save thousands of rupees.

Forget those clumsy, expensive, boring old paper invitations. Using online invitations helps to:
  1. Save trees
  2. Save money
  3. Save multiple trips to the printer
  4. Save time & energy spent on deciding the design, paper quality, printer etc for your paper invitation cards only for these to ultimately end up in the trash can.

Zelebrate allows you and your guests to share pictures in your online invitation for each event in realtime. Years later, you can cherish every single memory of all your family events in one place rather than having them dispersed across numerous social media platforms. All your events are neatly organized and easily accessible from the host dashboard. Your Zelebrate online invitation also serves as your online photo and video album.
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